Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation specializes in the transfer of analog media and photographs to digital formats. Owner Bradley Reeves has almost twenty years of experience working with obsolete media, including materials in various states of decomposition. Cinegraphic works with 8mm (both standard 8 and Super 8, silent and magnetic sound), 16mm (silent, optical and magnetic sound) motion picture film formats, including personal home movies and commercial film.

Transfer rates vary according to film format, footage count, and condition of footage.

Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation can also scan and digitize your photographs, including a wide array of negative format sizes. Fading images and colors can be restored to their former glory, damaged photographs can be repaired and cleaned-up.

Video transfer and duplication services are provided, including DVD,  VHS, VHS-C, Betamax, Video 8, Mini Dv, and 3/4 Umatic. Cinegraphic Archives can also provide a referral for high-quality and cost-effective 2-inch Quadruplex format transfers. If you have a player for a format not listed, Cinegraph can work with it!

Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation has the ability to digitize and duplicate many standard audio formats, providing audio files or compact discs of cassette tapes, 8-track cartridges, open reel to reel audiotapes (all speeds and reel sizes), even magnetic wire recordings! Cinegraph works with record discs of most speeds and sizes, including fragile 78 rpm shellac discs, and acetate home recordings.

Cinegraph Archives and Preservation can provide these services at cost-effective rates, in order that clients may protect, preserve, and enjoy once-again their precious historical artifacts!