Magnetic Audiotapes and Wire Transfers

IMG_20170913_0003IMG_20170913_0005Webster Recording WireOpen Reel Tape

Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation can transfer a variety of obsolete magnetic audio media formats, including open reel to reel audiotape (most speeds and sizes), Cassette and Mini-Cassette tapes, 8-track cartridges, even most wire recordings. Cinegraphic can also retrieve information from magnetic Floppy and Zip computer discs

You never know what you might find on those long-forgotten audiotapes! Here’s an example of an open reel tape that accidentally captured lost local radio history! The orphaned tape features off-air recordings from Knoxville country music station WIVK, featuring a lost commercial from Taylor Mobile Homes, and a set from East Tennessee’s own Chet Atkins. It’s a miracle it survived all these years!

Another sound byte from this orphan reel to reel audio tape of WIVK-Radio off-air recordings. This segment features a lost commercial from Tucker’s Record Shop on Market Square Mall in Knoxville, TN.



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