Digital Transfers of Disc Recordings

Cinegraphic Archives and Preservation works with most sizes and speeds of disc recordings, including 33 1/3 and 45 rpm vinyl, shellac 78 rpm discs, and fragile acetate home recordings.

Of especial importance are the cardboard and acetate amateur recording discs made at home during the pre-tape era of the 1930s and 1940s. These unique artifacts are one of one in number, and usually contain important historical audio, including off-air recordings of lost radio programming, or the sounds of a family gathered around the living room piano.

There are many of these fragile discs are still to be found in family collections, most of whom no longer have the means to identify or play them. Here is an example of a 78rpm acetate recording discovered in an antique store. The unknown female singer sings an acapella rendition of “Miss You”, a big band standard popular during World War II. The recording was made in April of 1942.


A 45 rpm transfer featuring an obscure jazzy, novelty recording with deep Knoxville, Tennessee roots. Babs and Floyd were actually Knoxville natives Barbara Cross and songwriter Floyd Jenkins. Both artists were involved with local label Valley Records and Publishing. Released by RCA Victor on 45 rpm in 1956.

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